Classes - CWP and Defensive Pistol                   





               DATE : SAT-  Nov 14th  and  Nov 21st -   TIME : 8:00am-5:30pm  COST: $100

         ---- MUST PRE-REGISTER BY  FRIDAY-   Nov 13th - Nov 20th  ----       

Our CWP and Basic Pistol course is approved by SLED to meet the training requirements for a South Carolina CWP.  When you satisfactorily complete our CWP class you receive a Course Completion Certificate and information for SLED showing you have met the South Carolina CWP training requirements. We supply all paperwork for the SC application process.


With our Course you can apply immediately for your South Carolina’s CWP,

which allows you to carry in 35 states including Georgia !!! No make up classes,No refunds, fees paid are for this class on this day only unless cancelled by ATAFTinc.   


                      This is a list of things you will need for this course

  1.  1.  Handgun – In good condition
  2.  2. Ammunition – At least 75 rounds of Ammunition
  3.  3. Ear and Eye protection are required.
  4.  4. Holster and Belt -- We require an outside the waistband holster for safety as those tend to be the best for
  5.       basic classes         
  6.  5. Clothing -- A ball cap helps protect from flying brass, Long pants , Closed footwear , Dress appropriately for
  7.       weather.  Jeans or pants with pockets are needed ( You will be putting extra ammo in your pockets at the       range ).
  8.  6. Lunch and snacks – We ask you to bring lunch and eat during the class so we can complete the class on time.
  9.      You can snack all day.  

 7. Driver’s license --   We will need a copy for proof of attendance.

 8. Pens and Notebook.

 9. Fingerprinting is a separate fee paid to the person doing them the day of the class,cost $10. If not available you can get      them done at ADPS or Aiken County Sheriffs office.


                 Any Questions please contact Mr. James Johnson at  

               A.T.A.F.T inc (803) 646-7421 or (803) 642- 2633

                                            Course will be held at

                      Aiken Taekwondo Academy 790 E Pine Log Rd Aiken S.C

                     Shooting qualifications will be in Wagener ( private range)





       CLICK HERE  to sign up for Nov 14th CWP class


     Defensive Pistol Course


     DATE: SAT-     COST: $100   TIME: 9am-4pm

           If interested send Email so I can gather at least 5 people to have the class. date will be set when at least 5 are interested.

                              ** Must Pre-Register by Tue  **

                       This course will take you beyond your CWP training and improve your pistol handling skills and shooting ability.If your serious about your training and safety than this course is a MUST for you.


                        WE WILL COVER TOPICS LIKE

Safety ,Fundamentals ,Tactical Draw ,  cover and Concealment , Shooting on the  move ,  Multiple Targets And much more

                         THINGS YOU WILL NEED

                              * 300 rounds factory ammo           * Strong side belt holster   

                              * Minimum of 2 Magazines             * Sturdy belt

                              * Eye and Hearing Protection         * SAFE good working pistol 

                              * Closed toe shoes No flip Flops     * Hat Baseball type


                             If using a revolver speed loaders or speed strips recommended

                         Last but not least an OPEN mind to learn


                     *   BRING A LUNCH , SNACKS AND WATER WITH YOU *


                ----  PRE-REQUISITES for this course are ----

                 CWP or Basic Pistol Class or Previous Firearms Training




                                Firearms Training


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